Is it appropriate to say happy memorial day?

Is it appropriate to say happy memorial day?


This is a great question. The fact that you are asking shows that you are a caring person. As you probably know, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance of those in the military who gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting our freedom. It was created during the civil war; it started out as "Decoration Day". Graves would be decorated with flowers, etc. on that day. Soon after, President Lincoln decided that we should remember all that gave their lives for our country - not just Civil War vets. Therefore, the answer is "no". It is not appropriate to say, "Happy Memorial Day". I would suggest that if you were speaking with a military person or a veteran, say, "I remember and appreciate the sacrifices given". If you are speaking with a civilian, I would just say, "remember those who've fallen".


No, you're not supposed to wish anyone a HAPPY Memorial Day, because it's a somber holiday on which we remember our slain, dead soldiers, so there's nothing HAPPY about it at all!

If you must greet someone that way, you can wish them a "nice" Memorial Day or something similar, but never HAPPY, okay?

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hey! I'm not American, I'm Australian but we have the same day over here.

We have "ANZAC Day" (which was the name of our army service -Australian New Zea-land Army Cor"

and Remembrance Day.

On Remembrance Day it's customary, out of respect to wear a bright red poppy for all our fallen heroes who died on the battlefield on Galipoli Beach. (After the war, the entire field grew thousands of poppies).

On these Days however, it is NEVER okay to say "happy Anzac day" or "Happy Remembrance Day"

Although we are grateful for what these soldiers did for our country, we have absolute respect for the ones that died and understand for the men and women still here, that they have seen things we never will and that they probably lost alot of people close to them.

Think of all the families that probably never got to see their sons return.

I'm assuming Memorial Day is the same for your men as it is to us, so no.

It's not a day to be happy, it's a day of respect. A day to morn and understand how grateful you are to have those men who died for your freedom.


I guess it would depend on who you're saying it to, and how you say it. If you say it to a veteran, then depending on their state of mind, they could take it as an insult. The reason for memorial day is to remember those fallen in battle. So if you have a 70 yo veteran who isn't quite right b/c of a war, then they might fly off the handle yelling about how you're disrespecting the fallen soldiers.

If you say it to a veteran who is just as normal as the average civilian, then they might talk to you about the good memories of those who were killed.

I wouldn't say it like that, but I would try to find a more respectful way to say that you're remembering the dead. A day to remember the dead is rarely happy, and to say it like that might be considered very disrespectful, and totally inappropriate to certain people.

It isn't about asking permission to say something, it's about respecting those who gave their lives so we can have the freedom to say whatever the f&*k we wanted. It's about showing gratitude to those who were injured that we appreciate their willingness to sacrifice themselves so we can be moronic ingrates who say stupid things like 75% of the people on the internet do. It's about showing respect to those that have fallen, because we don't realize that they were someone's brother, father, son, sister, aunt, niece, nephew, mother, cousin, husband, wife, or friend.

Just curious, and not to be rude, but why would you say ''happy memorial day'', and to whom would you say it to?


Probably not. Better to tell someone who is active military or else a veteran, "Thank you for your service". This is because Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have fallen in battle. There's nothing happy about it.


umm...yes since IT IS!


yeah if ur talkin to a regular person not a war veteran


Hmm.. I'm a little confused by your question.. Could you add more details please?