Can the greek gods be killed?

the greek gods are immortal so they don't age, but say if they got really hurt can they die? I'm just a little worried about my father Poseidon as he his battling with Oceanus and I fear he will die


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they can get injuryed pretty badly, but they cant die


no, he cant die AT ALL but he can be thrown in tartarus


only by chuck norris.


I just finished beating the God of War games.... dude, your father is in deep doo-doo. Kratos will pretty much single-handedly slaughter all of Mt. Olympus.


you know nothing of greece. your just a wannabe god or something that can feed themselves to athos for all i care.


"I" is a prefix meaning "no". "Mortal" means "Can-die". So immortal means "No can die", in Real English, "Cannot Die", so your father will not die, and neither will Oceanus, because his a good too. All Greek gods are immortal. The only god who ever died is Pan.


Greek mythology is ambiguous of this, Cronus castrate his father Uranus and he die of wound, not recall any other god die at Classical Greece, when Christianity become major religion, sailors say they hear people mourning at fog, sailor ask why they cry, someone say, "Great god Pan is dead!"


See Kratos for further details.