Question about english grammer!?

Is it possible to say

have you any trouble?

in the same meaning of

do you have any trouble?

is the first gramatically correct? :S:S


It is grammatically correct, and yet it is on the form of language that we used in the older days. Yet it is still correct form to say it now, it is not as popular as the second option.


1. 'Wh' questions ask for specific information and start with a question word.

2. 'Yes/No' questions ask for a positive or negative answer.

They normally start with an AUXILIARY or MODAL verb and are followed by


You need an auxiliary in this case.


To my knowledge, there is no short way to combine the two. If you ask "Have you had any trouble?" or "Did you have any trouble?", whoever you are asking would more than likely assume that you are asking about past trouble and current trouble.

and "Have you any trouble?" should be "Have you had any trouble?", unless you want to sound like you are from the 1800's :)


No hun the first one is wrong !