If Artemis and Apollo started a fight, who do you brake them up?

I think they going to rip each other's necks off. Apollo has his bow out and so does Artemis, Apollo is shouting at her as she's done something he didnt like so now they got this big fight going on, I've tried to call Zeus but he's 'busy' HELP


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Easy, get Leto their mother anyway she is a titan too so she can handle them


i'll get my dad to help them. he's not 'busy' if im concerned-i a SO his pet ;)

that should work, hades is one of the big 3 right? so he is stronger than artemis or apollo


Let them fight it out, they're both quite sneaky and will get fed up of each other's shape-changing tactics.


i suggest find something else to do besides trying to pretend your a characte from a book that got most of the greek myths wrong.


I agree with Justice, if you can't get their dad to spank them call their mom. She'll put an end to it fast. No one wants to deal with an angry mother.


call chuck norris.


Athena will come along and say something like "wow, I have a great solution. let's have a shooting contest" and they will shoot. Later, hera will happen to have heard about it and she will tell Zeus "your illgement children you have are dreadful. Look two of them had a fight today!"


It is a shame that Spellcheck can't tell you when to use "break" or "brake"