Do you think it's possible for an actor to...?

I want to become an actor now but I have no training and won't get any. I know I have a gift for acting and don't need lessons.

I would like to contact a big film producer and tell them I'd like to be in a movie and explain who my character will be, his name, and everything, and ask them if they can put him in whatever movie they're working on. I don't want a huge part until I'm 25, so they would only have to edit their film slightly.


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You're basically asking them a favor to even be cast in their movie; you are NOT going to be calling the shots on what your character should be like until you reach Angelina Jolie-fame, etc.


wait, you first say u ugly then u say u want to move and then this? im confuse dude, make up ur mind


not to be rude or anything but... that's not going to happen, big producers just don't do what anyone wants them to do, they most likely will ignore you


that's probably not going to happen. like you i have no training but i can most definitely act. i think the best thing you could do for yourself is get an agent. an agent can get in touch with important people and do things that will get you noticed.

good luck and i hope i helped :)


You are a big ham sandwich is what you are! LMAO!

Im laughing but hey, hope it motivates you! Good luck!


Get connections. I almost worked for a producer as a poolboy but then I realized I have no talent for acting haha. Working for them is probably the closest you can get to them anyways.


Unless you're sleeping with the producer, I don't expect any of this to happen. That "big part" you're looking for is probably not going to involve acting.


uhh, maybe try not posting it in the LGBT section...but still, get an agent :) good luck!