What is the one thing in life from which you learned the most in life?

What is that experience you went through, that person you met, the story you red or anything else that inspired you the most or from which you learned the most?

How did you learn from it or how did it inspire you?


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I try to learn from every experience, but I guess if I had to pick one event, I'd say a brush with death which occurred just 10 years ago. I was very ill for a long time, with little hope of recovery. I had a lot of time to think about life and how I'd been living it. I'd been drifting along with the current, accepting things that I didn't like because I didn't want to make waves. I felt some regret that, since I was almost certainly going to pass away, I'd never get the chance to alter that situation.

I did survive, and after I recovered I put into practice the ideas that I'd had while I was ill. I toughened up and made some changes in my life, mainly in the area of looking after myself....not only in the health area, but in the way I was living my life.

Sometimes it takes a big thing to inspire you to make positive my case it took "the biggest thing'. But 10 years later I'm still grateful for that second chance, and for the insights it gave me to make the rest of my life so much more fulfilling.


That I don't know enough?


that most people cannot be trusted


After my husband died, I spent two years homeless.

It was the most difficult time of my six decades of life.

I learned to keep my integrity when everyone else is losing theirs; I learned to trust myself and ONLY MYSELF; and I learned that there is goodness in MOST PEOPLE.

Life is good now & I am so much wiser....


I learned the most from raising my children.

children are fascinating if you'll just listen to them.

Birth is a miracle in itself, awesome.

If you bring them up without religion, you'll create clever devils.

(I've seen that happen, but not my children, who are decent,

God-loving, non-drug users, working hard good citizens

that have their heads on straight. Too many don't.)


Getting baptized in the Holy Spirit and reading the entire Bible. I only wish my parents had raised me Christian; that would have saved me a lot of grief early on!


The one experience that I learned the most from broke me in so many different ways the only option I had was to take something from it, even if that something actually only turned out to be a very hard and cruel lesson. The main lesson I've learnt throughout my life is to never ever trust anyone else but to always trust yourself.


Looking at death and being given a reprieve makes you realize that you are a mere unimportant mortal