How to become a popular person at high school ?

I am very popular many people know me they r my friends i am also in the school,s famous children's group but i always feel very excluded its like they r my friends but they are not towards me what do i do i am a good clothe, girls often flirt with me and i am the crush of many i am talented but i am

also known as the nerd of the school i want to be followed by?


Anyone and everyone...if one person follows you,they could be like your bestes best friend or random dude who wants homework answers if one person follows you then others will start to follow, and another way get in the gossip as apposed to sharing it around so... play along with one of the girls ideas of "flirting" and then people will start to say "they're dating" or "he took her out last night" but anyway people will then be MORE interested in you and probably even hang out with you more because you are "dating" and believe me when you say that it's hard to stop the WHOLE year/grade finding out, I tried (except I was dating her) and it worked!


right if you want to be popular follow this list

1. always look good girls just love hot guys

2. enter classes with loads of cool and popular guys

3. be yourself !

4. express yourself

5. always listn to other people