What is the easiest method to memorize the Holy Quran?

Is There any procedure for memorizing like small chapter to big chapter?

Or whatever you like you memorize like that?

Any Hafiz is here? How your teacher thought when you memorizing?

Shall you share your ideas to memorize the Quran…



I started memorizing the Quran by reading the smaller ayahs first, then going up.

And make sure to stick to a schedule and follow through, there's no easy way to do it, but inshaAllah Allah will reward you for your struggles :)



Assalam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Please listen/watch this video:

Blind Sheikh: Golden Advices For Qur'an Memorization…

Thats the EASIEST method I KNOW OF

i.e. FOLLOW the Golden advices posted in the above vids.



I am not a Hafiz, but my husband is.

And he says one cannot learn Hafiz if they have a tv or computer games.

Because these things distract ones attention and will make one forget their Quran, and one who eats Haraam food cannot learn the Quran.

He used to memorize Surah's from Fadjr until Zhur (and sleep once in between) and then after Zhur till Asr, and Asr till Magrib.

Alhamdillah he's a Hafiz and Alim.

To properly memorize the Quran one must be dedicated in frequent recitation and revising, or one will forget their Quran easily.

It wouldnt matter if you memorized a short or big surah if you envolved in haraam or time wasting things due to these would make you forget quickly.


Wa `Alaykum Salaam.

Perhaps you may find these articles by Aboo Thaabit useful:

[… ].

[… ].


There are lots of sites and soft wares to help you memorize and keep track of your memorization.

I don't know if you want it in Arabic or English and couldn't decide which one you would prefer, so you do the search! :)


Sincerity and love of it.…

"As for seeking to memorise the Qur‘aan, then this is to be given preference over many of the things that the people consider to be knowledge, but are - in reality - either totally useless, or having little benefit. It is also to be given precedence in learning especially by those who wish to acquire knowledge of the Deen, its principles and its particulars. Since what is prescribed for such a person at this time is that he should begin by memorising the Qur‘aan, as it is the foundation of the branches of the knowledge of the Deen. This is contrary to what is done by many of the people of innovation from the non-Arabs and other than them, in that one of them will pre-occupy himself with superfluous parts of knowledge; such as kalaam (rhetorical speech) and argumentation; or very rare matters of differences; and blind-following; which there is no need for; or very strange and rare ahaadeeth, which are not established, nor of benefit; and many

discussions which do not establish proofs. And he abandons memorising the Qur‘aan which is more important than all of this."

-Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah, al-Fataawaa al-Kubraa (2/54-55)

"So the first thing he should begin with is memorisation of the mighty Qur‘aan, which is the most important branches of knowledge. And the Salaf did not use to teach Hadeeth or Fiqh, except to one who memorised the Qur‘aan. So when he has memorised it, then let him beware of pre-occupying himself from it with Hadeeth, Fiqh or other things, to the extent that it leads him to forget anything of the Qur‘aan, or makes that likely."

-Al-Imaam an-Nawawi, from the introduction to al-Majmoo' Sharh ul-Muhadhhab (1/38)


Repitition of reading surahs out loud, memorizing one by one beginning with just a few ayats that you keep expanding upon in your daily repeat.

It is like how can singers remember 100s of songs to sing? But they can.

When my daughter was infant, I used to read to her The Lorax aloud every night. After so many readings, I had the book memorized. I could have added another book to the end of it to memorize a second if I recited then both.


repeat and repeat

and don't watch porn

basic concept to memorize