Need a good Spanish name for a guy?

I'm Mexican and my name is Daniel Jose Moreno but i want to change my first two names or possibly add another name in for but it has to be a Spanish name could i get some help on good names.


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Mario,Carlos, Andrés, Enrico, Diego, Antonio, Santiago, Enrique, Francisco, Luis

Those are the best I could find- they're probably really common but they're the best in my opinion : )

You could always use your grandfather's name?






Spanish Boys Names and Name Meanings

Meanings of baby boy names of Spanish origin from the names Alejandro to Tiago.…


Alejandro or Andres


you can go by whatever name you wish. daniel jose is good.

diego, francisco...


Pepe, Pedro, Concha, Maria, Porfirio, Armando


Miguel Zapata

Pablo Escobar

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Juan Gabriel

Manuel Noriega

Ernesto Che Guevara

Simon Bolivar

Hugo el puto facista Chavez

Fidel cabronsito Castro

Raul cabron-de-la-semilla-pudria-de un-salmon-muerto Castro




See "Spanish Masculine Names" :…