Learning English question?

Example:"If you are catching a train,it is always better to be comfortably early than even a fraction of a minute too late."Question:In this sentence,"too" means "very",doesn't it?The reason is if it means "as well",it must place in the end of sentence.Am I right?If right,I think there is contradiction."even a fraction of a minute " and "too" decorate "late" at the same time.But the former mean "less than a minute" which refer the little extent of meaning,and the latter mean "very" which refer to large extent of meaning.How could they collocate?The example comes from a textbook called New concept English.Help me.I'm an English learner.


You are hopeless .. You keep interrogating English as if it were a criminal .. Stop trying to find every little reason why one is said this way, why it is not done the other way .. it is not a bank balance sheet that every number must be checked and double checked for error .. There is no absolute right or wrong in languages ..


wow, looks to me you don't need any help. Nobody disect the sentence, especially when you speak, and if you do a little, tiny, itty, bitty mistake police ain't gonna arrest you lol :)

Hell, that sentence confuses me too...

sorry i can't help you, but loosen up, don't be so hard on yourself...