LGBT: Have you ever had a weird dream?

Last night, I had a dream I was high while I was half asleep. Then the whole night I kept wondering how I got high and somehow I was able to have conversations with my friends even though they weren't there and my phone died. It was like they were in the room, but they weren't. The whole dream took place in my bed. I was so confused at that point.

Have any of you ever had really weird dreams?


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I had a dream that I was vacationing on a mountain and for some strange reason I was walking around and a wolf came out of nowhere and scared me (I'm really really scared of wolves =x). So I was running and running and someone had left a door open and I went in and there was a really cute guy that for some reason had all the physical features (except body type) that I really liked. I kind of don't remember what happened, but for the rest of the trip I keep trying to impress and get him to like me, but it didn't seem to happen. Finally the wolf seems to come back and this time I can't run (don't know why) but it comes up to lick me and for some reason I pictured that boy kissing me =x Then I woke up =x

It's not really weird, but it was pretty damn vivid. I actually felt terror from the wolf and I could physically remember the boy =x


The worst are those dreams where you are dreaming one thing and then you are randomly dreaming about something else. Like i was dreaming i was on a boat once and then all of a sudden i was making this huge like... gooey white sandwich. Which made me sort of sick making it, b/c i was like so excited but it was so nasty. idk how i could want to eat it and want to throw up at the same time but... it was interesting Lol


I've had some weird dreams like that when I feel 1/2 awake and crazy stuff is going on. I swear I've had phone conversations, but never talked to anyone in real life


I had this dream where I was being kidnapped but then it change over to asking some girl out to lunch. But the weird thing was the girl was the daughter of the kidnapper. Whoa....idk what was going on


I've had way weirder dreams. I just had one the other night. XD but I fogot it. =P i told my bf tho nd he was all o.o wtf okay then XD


You mean in the last 2 days? About 300, haha. I have a really vivid memory, I suppose. And I'm homesick, which doesn't help at all. Last night I dreamt I had become some sort of teacher at my old high school and I had to participate in a musical (I dream about that a LOT). Then I went out with the kids. Most of them suddenly became much younger, other older, at least old enough to drive a car. I kept looking for this girl I'm in love with, a former colleague, not a school friend, in their cars. Couldn't find her though. Then I was on top of one of those very high playground houses and below me I saw a boy being bullied a few times and every time I told them to knock it off, but they started again just after that. In the end people started asking me why I reacted this way, because it was silly. That's when I went all 'I have a dream...' and telling them about how I was bullied as a child on the top of that play house LOL I'm so crazy XD


I had a weird fantasy dream. I was on a first date with a hot guy and when I went to the bathroom he slipped something in my drink and so he drugged me and we had sex... I know it's sick, but I can't control my dreams XD


too many to remember im pritty sure i dreamt i was a snail once some of the more sad dreams ive had ( i mean sad as in its sad id even dream about this) is i dreamt i was at school naked nd trying to figure out a real simple math problem (i think it was something like whats 2+2) and i dream about work (which is stacking shelves at woolworths) i must have such a boring life to be dreaming about that