Is bigfoot/sasquatch real?!?

i have always wondered this i looked up pictures of bigfoot and there was one very convincing photo that i think is real thought it might have also been a foax sooo i just wanna see what u guys think


No one can be 100% sure, but then again you can't say it's not real because no one can know what's out there.


There is a huge probability that he could be real. You find through out the world and diffrent cultures stories of a very similar creature. From North America, to Africa, and Asia.

I doubt people in all these diffrent places through out centuries have all had the same idea for a hoax...

We never saw a black president but that didn't mean he wasn't out there and one never existed...I'm jus sayin


For bigfoots some say its real cuz of its footprint but I think that people created the footprint. but when a man saw a bigfoot running to the forest and snap a shot in this

and trust me that pic was a fake cuz I read a book that a MAN was dressed in this costume and ran away cuz he didnt want to be shot.


Daniel Boone was claimed to say he'd once shot a giant hairy ape-creature. But in that connection it turns out that he carried his favorite book Johnathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" into the wilderness with him. That book contains accounts of somewhat short ape-creatures in a section different from Gulliver's tale, so did it suggest the "big ape" claim? Was it the source of "Big Foot" stories?


There actually is a video of a bigfoot walking, and they did some tests and found it physically impossible for humans to imitate the walk. We don't know everything about the world around us.


No matter what anyone else might say I will never again doubt the existences of bigfoot........ For I saw what I saw and I never have witness such a tall and smelly creature ever again.......


doubt it


extremely unlikely