Should i refuse this kind of jobs? Is it haram ?

I have been offered a well paying job. I was offered to be the pimp in a mutah brothel.

Should i accept ?


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Go for it !

I hope you enjoy every moment in your job !


Totally up to you.


No, you refuse it.


Seriously, just stop :-)


i told you to change the picture. why you support Israel?

this is the same question your asked yesterday. why you keep on asking the same question over and over again.


Reported for insulting a faith


Wow. The trolls are so lame these days... they always were but gosh "I was offered to be the pimp in a mutah brothel." that's so stupid. You cant even troll properly -_-


i hope you will land in guantanmo bay one day,seriously.

you disgrace to MANKIND.