Can someone translate these Latin sentences?

1. Fama Fori (of the Forum) est magna (great).

2. Via Sacra est in Foro Romano (abl. sing.).

3. Statuam in Via Sacra portamus.

4. Templa (acc., pl. temples), basilicas*(law courts), et statuas in Foro spectas.

5. Poetae templa (acc., Pl. temples) deorum (of the gods) in Foro laudant.

6. In Foro est Curia*, magnum aedificium (a great building);

7. In Curia* multi senatores (many senators nom. Pl.) laborant.

I need some quality help! Please no translate website answers! Thanks!


I'll give the (possibly more correct) Latin sentence with a translation.

1) fama fori est magna. [The fame of the Forum is great.]

2) Via Sacra in Foro Romano est. [The Sacred House is in the Roman Forum.]

3) statuam in Via Sacra portamus. [We carry the statue in the Sacred House.]

4) templas, basilicas, statuasque in Foro spectas. [You see temples, basilicas and statues in the Forum.] (The "-que" ending is tacked on to the last word in a long list, basically means adding "and" to every item in the list. Easier than saying "et" a whole bunch of times.)

5) poetae templas deorum in Foro laudant. [The poets praise the temples of the gods in the Forum.]

6) in Foro est Curia, aedificium magnum. [In the Forum is Curia, a great building.] (In Latin, adjectives always follow the nouns they describe.)

7) in Curia, multi senatores laborant. [In Curia, many senators work.]