LGBT: What is it with people?


Abs, Tans and Hollister/A&F/Gap/American Eagle with no brains

That is all I ever see... It's kinda pathetic.

Were is the unique factor? The Stands out of a group individual? The person that knows who they are and would put their foot down for anything they believe in, someone who wouldn't be suckered into the popular peer pressure. A person that can tell anyone F*ck off with out giving a crap who thinks what of it.



Here I am.

Trust me, I have no abs and I'm white as Casper baby! lol ^_^


be greatful for the crowd you stand out from. If they all were unique you'd just be another one of them.


Yeah, I get where you're coming from. I've spent most of my life wishing that I could just fit in and be like everyone else. But as of late, there are few things that sound worse to me than being average. In fact, the minute I start to go along with the masses, I take a few steps back and question myself. It's pretty ironic.


Where's the uniqueness of any cliche? Stereotyping people will never allow you to see true individuality in people. Maybe those people don't want to stand out, maybe they like things like abs, tans, and the stores you mentioned not because they're "popular", bt because they thought they were cool. You are being exactly the same as every teenager in my school and every teenie I've ever met. Stop hating on people for likeing different things than you.


You make a good point. I hate those stores and fake tans.

Why change yourself (and give yourself skin cancer) just to fit in?

I hate following the crowd. I don't really want to stand out either though.

So I'm just myself. Not blending in or standing out.


Look, the reality is we CHOOSE to look good. We don't do it because it's popular. We do it because it makes us feel good and 'pretty' if you will. I'm really not sure what kind of world you're living in inside of your head but I am actually partially worried.

The world isn't as bad as you think. Don't be afraid. And people -do- stand up for what they believe in.


You're a walking contradiction.

This question is a contradiction.

Calling someone's style pathetic and then go on and say that you should wear what you want?


I be right here baby!