Whats your first impression of me?

Just outta curiosity, whn you see me, whats your first impression? Where Im from, how old I am, how do I look, what kind of person you think am.... whatever!

Give your frank opinions....and i said FRANK, not stupid or shithead-type or wannabe-cool-mean-guy type…


You look like a bad boy with a good heart :)


You look like you are somewhere around 28 and you look like you live up North somewhere like Michigan or Chicago or New York and you are probably the type that goes with the flow.


From Mexico, 27, major slacker who gets high and was once in a gang


City guy. Nice tattoo. Too tan for my tastes. :D

With Love,

PureBloodPrincess <3


20's from New York?

Haha, you look badass and just say whatever is on your mind.


20 or so. From the Chicago or Detroit "area"s.

Generally late.

Laid back and probably have a great smile when you use it.


Hey, you look like a wild man