Can someone translate this Russian please?(not electronic translation please)?


makom le arsim


Ya znayu 4to le arsim....NO tam segodnia erua sagur...ya bi ne za 4to na svete ne powla

Mi potom v Puwkin priedem


aaaa... mne ne pushkin ne davidofff, ne halonot,. ne4e ne nra... da i ustaliy ya o4en' doma budu

kakoeto mesto esho est', prime project, v vox... po 4etvergam... tuda nado budet zaglenut' glyanut' 4e tam .... no ne sednya


mne samoi ne nra...ya voobwe doma vse vremia pop vihodnim

VOt segodnia raz v pol goda priglasili na erua


domashnaya kukolka ti u nas


otdihai motek, niye be kewer


Some words in the text are not in Russian. I will translate everything in Russian.

A) _____________

B) I know that it's not ____, but there is ______today. I would never go there. We are going to Puwkin (that may be any place, it's a name of famous Russian author).

A) Oh..I see> I like nether Puwkin nor Davidoff not even Halonot, moreover I am very tired, I will be home. There is another place called Prime Project, on Thursdays...we should go there look what's happening out there, but not today.

B) I don't like it too. I am always home on weekends. Today is the first day for the last 6 months I am invited to Eura

A) You are a home dolly.

B) Relax ______________

I believe all the words I didn't translate are names of some kind of parties or clubs. The are not in Russian, they look like inside language. A is a man B is a woman. That's all I can say. Good luck!


this is a mix of hebrew and russian, and it not very interesting, plus it seems like a private phone convo which presumably u have no right to be intercepting.


Could you not find the same thing in Cyrillic letters? I can't really read Russian in Latin letters.