Can anyone translate this Japanese into english?

Can anyone translate what they are saying in this comic. Link to comic:


Boy: Lately we really haven't been fishing, huh.

Other guy: I know, right?

Boy: We asked for cooking materials, but what should we do? (not sure about this translation)

Other guy: Stumped, eh.

Boy: Whoa! A really strong pull!

Other guy: Hold steady!

Other guy (fourth panel): It's a big catch. How is it? (not sure about translation)

Pink haired person: (something about meuniere? I don't know, sorry x.x")

White haired person: I wanna eat strawberry ice cream. (small speech bubble) please~

Brown hair: I don't have any.

Three hours later...

Brown hair: Um...strawberry ice cream...

White hair: I feel like pumpkin pie now.

Brown hair: .....

Weird looking thing: Where are you going with that much food?