Why don't Canadian and Mexican people refer to themselves as Americans?

Why do people only refer to the USA as America?


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You are right... Canadians, Mexicans and People from the USA are Americans... Everyone that is in North or South America are Americans. But since its United States of America, they use Americans. Mexico's full name is United States of Mexico. So they use Mexicans.


I do not know what you are talking about!

I am Mexican, I am American, but I am not US citizen.

American = people who inhabit the American continent; from Canada all the way to Argentina.


If they do refer to themselves as ''Americans'', it is because they see the entire western hemisphere as the ''Americas'', which is a big cultural desgination in western culture. However, because there is no other word that'd properly describe US citizens, the unofficial letter A in USA stands for America and because the US is the first and oldest republic in the Amercas with the largest population and the most economic and military dominance on this hemisphere, ''America'' has become a hand-in-hand term with the US. I can't speak for Mexicans as much, but I know Canadians generally don't call themselves Americans. There are only 2 or 3 countries in North America (varying on whether you consider Mexico North or Central), so there'd be no need to say you are North American. Plus, Canadians like their own identity and don't want to be confused with Americans. In fact, French Canadians and Quebecois are very quick to point out who they are as quick as someone would say Canadian. Mexicans are the same way with their cultural identity. It is more South Americans who are further away from the US and don't have as much contact with us who get ticked off the most about this.


Because they are not.


I get what you mean. Kinda like how Italians, Spaniards, French people refer to themselves as European. Canadians, Mexicans and other countries in the Americas should be able to call themselves American. I guess the USA hogged it up.


Don't forget those in central and south America...


well. as a canadian i feel more pride saying im canadian than i would american... jussayin.


uh uh baby, ain't no mexicans is american. they be crossin dat border!