Japanese "mono or koto"?

How should I use "koto ga hoshii" and "mono ga hoshii"?

I found a sentence that was written this way "watashi wa nanika taberu mono ga hoshii" - I want to eat someyhing.

What I don′t understand here is why "mono" is used".

When can I use "koto" in this sentences?


koto is a term used to refer to a idea, action, event, etc.

"sono koto desu" - that thing - reference to "that thing we were talking about" = idea

mono is used when the term referred to is usually tangible noun

"sono mono desu" - that thing - reference to pointing to store clerk "i would like that thing"

koto ga hoshii would not be a natural way of speaking, because technically you cannot "want an idea/action/event"

your meaning would probably get across but it's simply the wrong way to use in that form of sentence


watashi wa nanika taberu mono ga hoshii (i want something to eat) is correct

koto ga hoshii is wrong because koto is abstract, refers to the act of eating, whereas mono is concrete ( something this case food )

tabemono ga hoshii (i want some food)

taberu koto ga suki (i love to eat)

hope this helps

i'm not a ntaive

so you may want to wait for a native Japanese to confirm the answer