Why do many gay/lesbian members of comunity advertise there sexual preference?

This is just an observation and not a criticism but by doing this aren't they separating themselves as diverse ? heterosexual members of the community don't advertise there sexuality , but many gay people do with rainbow Colors and attending so called gay bars, there's no heterosexual bars a bar should be a bar as were all people, i know that gay bars accept heterosexual people but doesn't the term gay bar differentiate sexuality ? i may be very wrong and do not intend to cause any offense to anybody but am wondering why this is necessary ?


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I'm totally with you - it shouldn't be necessary. But there are certain people who are offended/scared by homosexuality and some of them tend to show aggressive behaviour against homosexuals. And as long as there are people that would rather hit you in the face than just tell you they are not gay/lesbian some of us feel safer in such an environment. Sad but true.

The other reason that came to my mind is that for a long time homosexuals were forced hide their sexual preference and are as a result of that oppression the gay community makes up for that by being proud of being different.

just my 5 cents


There's an assumption of heterosexuality that can get terribly tedious. You don't need to tell people you're het (although hets do, all the time, forever 'flaunting' [I only use the word because it's used so often about gay people] their sexuality in a variety of ways, referring to their partners and their sex lives). But if you don't make it clear you're gay or lesbian, you'll be chatted up by members of the opposite sex, or people will assume you have a partner of the opposite sex somewhere around. I used to wear a badge saying "How dare you presume I'm heterosexual?" because it got to be such a pain.

That's why it's necessary. In a perfect world, where these assumptions weren't made, we wouldn't have to make a point of it. But we need gay bars - places where we can relax and assume, for once, that people will assume we're gay or lesbian - until the time comes when any other bar stops assuming you're heterosexual (or else people make unpleasant covert comments about the 'poofs' or the 'lezzies' etc).


What do you mean by "advertise"? When a straight man talks about the woman they love, is that "advertising"? When a woman sets a picture of her husband on her desk at work, is that "advertising"? When straight teenagers discuss who they want to go to prom with, is that "advertising"? The entire culture reinforces heterosexuality, it is just that straight people don't realize it because it is taken quite for granted. That gay people have a little bit of their own validation is just a drop in the bucket compared to what straight people have.

You need to really look at yourself and think about why this subject bothers you. For the record, the idea that there "are no straight bars" is laughable.


For some reason they wish the whole world, his wife and children know they are gay


How else are we, as a minority, supposed to actually find other people we might like to be with or date? It's as simple as that. Heterosexuals don't need to advertise because it's the normal expectation that you're heterosexual. If you aren't, finding like-minded friends and love is a lot harder.


I don't really. But, I am proud.


Homosexuals make up such a small percentage of the population that it is really hard for a lot of us to find partners. When gay people advertise themselves like that, it is easier for us to see who we have to choose from. I wish that gay people would advertise themselves where I live so I wouldn't have to be lonely anymore. :(


Honey I NEEED lesbian bars! I am a femme lez and you couldnt pick me out of a line up as gay. So to meet a girl I have to show myself as gay in some way. The best way is to frequent places where lezzies will be. Sorry if you feel excluded but we always welcome everyone!