Ramadan: As ridiculous it sounds, do mermaids truly exist?

Is there any Islamic proof that they do exist? I honestly think they don't, however, I'm very curious.


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There is a psychological explanation of how mermaids were first imagined. In olden times sailors (all men) would be out on sea for ages (years and years) without ever having a chance to look at a woman (not even a hijabist). This was before the days of the pictures. Men started imagining mermaids. They actually claim to have seen and talked to them (Hallucinations). But none ever caught one. This is how the myth started. There are no mermaids, just a bunch of horny sailors dreamed it up.


Do flying space donkey's exist? No, its just mythology nothing more.


Mermaids are more possible than any Middle-Eastern religion.


What do mermaids have to do with Ramadan?


There isn't ANY proof from any faith that mermaids exist.

They don't by the way.


I don't think there's a proof to deny the existent as well,

It not stated in the Quran that certain animals, like the Star-nosed mole or many other things exist, God wants us to research and learn, not to be spoon-fed on everything.


hehe i doubt it..atleast if they do exist they won't look like those in cartoons (human upper body and a tale)

they have found fossils indicating a creature that is like a mermaid (not attractive looking though ..more like scary) but it was sort of a fish then a human body

It says nothing in the quran about does say the universe is full of undiscovered life though god knows whats out there :)


All praises be to ALLAH

I dont think it exists, it's just a tale of horny sailors! If there were such creation then it definitely would be mentioned in the holyQURAN. Otherwise none has any prove of its existence. But there's a lake in bangladesh called FOYS LAKE. It's said that there's mermaid on that lake,whateva! It may be possible that there's mermaid! Because There's many thing in the earth