Why Are Persians So Arrogant?

By persians I mean the iranians whose decedents came from the Aryan persian tribe. SO persian aryans. Note: I don't hate all iranians but just the persian iranians). Anyway, persians hate chinese people, koreans, arabs and the whole of middle eastern countries (expect their own), turks, americans and Mongols. They are so obnoxious! and the women are so high maintenance and arrogant and the men are douchbags!They always stab people behind their back. Why are they like this?


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LMFAO! What? You're just racist against Persians, and this is your way of expressing it.

I'm Persian and I don't hate Chinese, Koreans, etc. I speak Turkish, I live in America and I have no problem with Mongols. I'm not "high maintenance" but I'm not going to let a guy treat me like I'm an ugly girl or something. I'm not a back stabber. Sounds like you just have it out for us.


dont worry we hate ourselves too


Persian girls must not like you.


Most are racist

i heard alot of bad things about those Middle Easterners and South Asians from blacks over in Africa

also many of the ones in USA are VERY racist


I think Arabs are slightly arrogant when it comes to race. I think if you ask Arabs about their race, they will say it is the purist.


Such a racist. Everybody are not the same, nor do everyone think alike.

You're just jealous because you don't look like this…


Persians are sexy. I had a thing for this Persian guy at my college. He was soooooooooo nice to look at. He moved back to London though (so sad). I wish more Persians lived in New York, we had quite a few exchange students a few semesters ago who were Persian. It definitely made school much more fun. :-) I'm sure you'll find a**holes in every race, don't exclude people!


Salam aleikum,

True, the majority of the persians/afghans love luxury and dunya. Many of them also don't care about Islam, they drink and look at non mahram women(unmarried women). I distance myself from them, i would rather have people seeing me as an Arab than an Afghan or Persian.

And people please, don't call me a racist i said 'the majority'.