Why do indian men hate black women so much?

lol its funny because some of them are darker than night and some how get a joy out of calling black girls the n word or making stupid remarks. its funny, but its sad. and when they do want black women its just for sex. lol are black women that hard to love? indian men cant be too choosy because i dont see or hear too many people going crazy for them.

and no. im not just talking about the dark girls, im talking about the light skinned and in the middle ("honey") skinned girls too.


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to be honest north indian men are racist ( like the kadot guy). i have no problem with black people and yes i hate it myself when indians try to diss blacks but let me tell you not all indians are like that. just those from north who have an inferiority complex. in fact north indians are even racist towards people from other indian states. i wish they'd just join pakistan or something they give other indians a bad name


That is not true I am a Punjabi - and I am not racist against black girls. But let's face it many of them do have an attitude - and are boisterous which turns me off completely having a relationship with a lot of them. Also I don't know why you are saying 'Indians are darker than night' really that only applies to South Indians - central Indians are just brown - and then Northwest Indians (Punjabi's - Kashmiri's) are fair skinned:……

And also who cares if Indian aren't stereotyped as being attractive? Stereotypes are never usually true anyway - Italians are stereotyped to be all beautiful but I am better looking than way more Italians I know - many Indian men are very attractive especially North Indian men:…

The vast majority of us (Indians - North or South or East) are not attracted to full black african women - you can't call us racist just because we have look preferences. Many of us find mixed race one's like Beyonce hot though.

YOU can ask me any questions here:

LOL at all these Black gorillas calling Indians ugly - your jungle race makes me laugh - I am not racist against Blacks - but if you even think your better than any Indians for a second think again. Also this asker is stupid - she is basing one thing off what ONE Indian guy said and saying all of us are like that - grow up!


Hey there! First of all, I loveeee your question because I'm an Indian girl and I can completely get what you're talking about. I hate it when old Indian guys do that.

its mostly because the Indian men can be soooo prejudiced. They think that every black woman is... slutty. and not intellectual.

Though that's not really true. just because they see nicki minaj doing a slutty dance they just presume that every black girl is that way.

By the way, you're talking about Indian MEN. That's older men. Indians born and raised in America aren't like that. (Like me! Born and raised like a Cali girl haha) And the guys you're talking about are dumb, uneducated. So if I was you, I wouldn't even think about it.

BY THE WAY- Trust me, whatever I said about black girls is just what THEY think, not me. I have a ton of black friends and I think they're awesome people.

Also note that you're targeting a certain group of people. Not all Indians are like that. Yeah, what you're saying is pretty true for some people. But there are some Indian men that are cool. And they're fine with all types of people. :)

My dad's an Indian man. And he's not a hater. :D

I hoped my answer helped!


they don't


Quit trolling! They do it to U because you are Ug1y!

I don't have that problem.


because they dont...they hate you


Do black women even like Indian men?


I agree. Black women are too good for them anyway, most Indians are ugly and can truly **** up good genes.