What language should I Learn?

OK, I know Spanish and English but I want to learn more languages.(Im going for French but want another one besides French)

The options are :








I also want a language that is easy to learn and speak.

Note: Whats the most speakable language in the US from the options that I mentioned above?


Based on the fact that you speak Spanish and English, I would recommend either German or Italian. German is very, very similar to English, both in vocabulary and in Grammar, and I believe that Italian is pretty similar to Spanish.

That being said, a Chinese dialect would definitely not be easy to learn, but speaking Mandarin or another dialect would definitely be very useful in the business world.

Good luck!


It seems you still need to work on English.




Japanese seems good. I always watch those japanese gameshows and wonder what they say.


Japanese and Chinese then you would be like the coolest person evaaaaa!


Italian, it would probably have the most similarities in grammar, construction and roots as English.


Most speakable(?) in America would be: German

Best for the future: Mandarin Chinese

Coolest: Japanese. Japanese has easy pronunciation, but a hard writing system.


If your first language is English, the easiest language to learn from that list would be German. If your first language is Spanish, the easiest would be Portuguese/Italian.

Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian would prove a real challenge for a native English/Spanish speaker, since their structure, alphabet, and pretty much everything else is different to European languages. Not saying you shouldn't learn them, I'm just noting that they would be hard if you're looking for an easy language.