Is it weird hes not texting me?

Ok, so we got new lab partners for the semester, and I was got partners with idk lets say Nick. I really really like Nick, but he is super shy and hard to talk to. We kinda talk during school but mostly just lab stuff. I found out that his cousin is going out with my best friend, so I had my friends boyfriend give him my number for me. He immediately texed me and we talked for a while. A couple days later I texed him and we once again just talked about casual things. I was getting anxious again, so a couple of day later I texed him first. I told him we should hang out sometime, and he said yeah, and I invited him over next weekend and he said yeah I probably wont be busy. So we are planning on hanging out next weekend, but the thing is he never texts me first? Does this mean im annoying him and he doesnt like me? or is it because hes shy? oh, and also he found out I like him from his cousin, so he knows I like him...


Well if hes planning to hang out with you, he must at least want to be friends, so id just say that hes really shy...the best time to find out is when you see him in person, so give him his little space and dont text him for a little while...once you see him, your questions will be answered :)




Lots of people just aren't into texting.


He's just shy.

You're not annoying him, trust me.

Shy boys, lol.

You should try to encourage him to come out of his shell.


probably just because hes shy...i know that at least when i talk to girls, 95% of the time the guy texts the girl first....or maybe he just isnt into you. but thats probably not yeah...hes shy...try to make him feel comfortable around you