Does my math teacher hate me?

whenever i hand in an assignment/test he doesnt say thanks but when someone else does he always does o_o


He's socially backwards and probably doesn't realize what he's doing. Please try not to take it personally. Sometimes teachers pick favorites and it shows. They'd deny it but they do. That doesn't mean this teacher hates you. That's a pretty big leap to take, to think he hates you. Just make sure he grades you fairly. Please try not to be hurt by the attention he gives others. He isn't worth it.


Maybe he's racist....oooooo

Try giving him an apple 1 day.

It always works if you wanna be a teacher's pet.


It is really hard to say since we do not personally know either one of you.

I would feel a bit funny about it, too, but I don't think you can actually know unless you ask him. Does he say it to everyone except you? And is it worth it to pursue? Probably not.

Consider it either nothing to worry about, or that it is his problem.