I'm in a bad mood :(?

assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ,

I've been in a really bad mood all day dunno why though :(

what shall i do?


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lol man, i haven't had mine since ramadan>it sucks it only decides to come on the days that i intend to fast

oh well>its heriditary so until 40 cycles are done then it would regulate. inshAllah.

try watching a film, reading qur'an or something entertain yourself (i'd make you a cake, but then that wud be comfort eating and i don't want to make u fat ;) )


gotta finish off my cw, but im soo stuck!


walaikum asalam

thats ok dear maybe its that time of te month soon? idk hun jus drink some hot chocolate and relax :)


Have a glass of water to drink.


eat some strawberries


So am i Join the club! Ive stuck ma handsfree in and Im buzzin off ma nasheeds! :D




I'm angry too, too many mushriks everywhere, really angers me.


can I ask you a random question?

Do you happen to be guyanese? jw


Please dont tell me you think i'm the 'stalker'

I just thought you might have been a girl I knw - srry if I freaked you out.