My son thinks hes a vampire?

ok so my son is 16 years old, a junior in highschool, he always dresses in all black clothes, with chains on them and etc. Every morning when he wakes up he puts on that bird **** make up chinese women use, to make him look pale, he puts in black contacts, i ask him why he does all this and he says its part of the transformation process, so the other day i went into his room and he was sitting on the floor, facing the oposite way, i went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder and he stood up violently and hissed at me uncontrobaly! With fangs in his mouth! Screaming youll be banished to the vampire clan you pron! i was like wtfffff! And i asked him to take the fangs out while we were eating and he told me to **** off cause there permentely glued into his mouth. Omg i dont know what to do with this lil guy... Hes my son, im worried about him. And he constantly asks me to let him suck my blood so he will be accepeted into the vampire clan but i just tell him to **** off. Please help! This isnt a joke!


Lol omg. He has mental issues he needs a pychotrist


Is his name Edward Cullen ... !


Sounds like the vamp craze that many teens are joining right now. Some do it for pure shock value. But I sure wouldn't take any **** off of him.


Well, I think you should take him to a counsler.

There pro's, and they have probably have seen this befor, and have experience how to stop him thinking hes a vampire


If just flat out talking to him doesn't work, then you need a consequence (i.e. take away his car, rip the fangs out of his mouth, make him sparkle like edward cullen, etc.) Just tell him he NEEDS to stop, or else there will be a major consequence. Take him to a therapist maybe?


wow that sounds awful. my guess would be somebody is playing mind games with him. I remember growing up. I would get to understand his reasons why he thinks hes a vampire.perhaps somebody from his school told him they were vampires. vampires are a common popluar theme right now with the twilight vampire books out.


just stop being a pushover. show him what being a hard *** is all about. take his *** to the dentist and tell him its because he glued stupid fake fangs in his mouth. take away some privileges that he has. tell him he can be as weird as he wants when he is not home, but when he is home he has to abide by your rules and cut the crap.