Why do people hate Asian, Latina and Black girls so much?

I see the hatred everywhere on the web. I do not understand why they hate us!




I don't understand it! :(

I'm mixed and this is quite upsetting that so many people hate us.

Could you explain why?


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They don't. People on Yahoo Answers don't really count as people - more like trolls. And I don't know why you left out White girls as if there aren't a million and one questions about White girls too. Quit crying about it. Jesus. You're only making it worse by drawing more attention to it.


Asian - coin slot eyes and eat your pets.

Blacks - ghetto, fight out of nowhere, steal.

Latina - stink, 50 babies that are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc, yrs old. Their vagina's are older than they are.


We're not white.


pure ignorance..thats all


I love them =)


I love latinas and black girls...asian not so much...maybe a little.




i love asian women