Why do most american's hate the French?

I know that they both have ego's but I want to move there one day yet my family always teases me about the subject which kinda puts me down. I have a way of getting over there through somone that I talk to on facebook. but everyone that I talk to gets that expression on thier face and goes Oui Oui like it's some big joke as well as believe that the french have never one a war which I now know is bs just from doing research. but why do americans seem to hate french people just as much as french people hate americans?


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Don't listen to them. My dad teased me for the same reason, but I went anyway. Go to France, and decide for yourself. I was treated very respectfully while I was in France, and when my family (including my dad) came to visit they were happy to be treated the same.


I visited Paris about two years ago. For the most part people were really nice. It is important that you be able to speak the language, or at least attempt it, but it's it's worth it. They have a reputation of not liking Americans who can't speak French, some are like that some not. I really enjoyed France.

Our country's enmity toward France goes back 200 years. There were those who hated France because of the over the top French revolution and those (like thomas jefferson) who loved it.

Most recently, France did not support the insane war with Iraq, and a lot of people in this country held it against them (I was happy). So, when you are ready, have the means to get there and support yourself, I'd say it is definitely worth the trip.


i doubt that anyone legit hates them, its just funny/cool to do it. stereotypes and whatnot


because americans dont like any country outstand them


Really? I thought it was the other way around.


what? i love french bitches


they think they have no culture


It seems like its the other way around