Why do some Africans have names that sound Japanese?

I met an African named "Kutako"


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Actually, some Japanese names and African names are the same. This is the reason that our president's name is Obama, and there is also a city in Japan called Obama. Some historians suggest that there are African roots in Asia, or vice versa. It could very well be that there were at one point Africans in Japan, or Japanese in Africa, or both. This would've been so far back that, by now, you don't really see it in the people. The original Japanese people were much browner, anyway, and many Japanese anthropologists accept the theory that they are of African descent.




Africans had those type of names first.


Because they are related


west african names do sound like east asian names maybe they are related somehow


Lmao I've never heard or noticed this. African names sound really African to me.


Just because it sounds the same to the untrained ear doesnt mean that their languages and names are in anyway related


Dunno if you really are a troll but what you're saying is true. Even the tribe the name of my tribe, Kikuyu, is a Japanese name for some type of flower, can't remember which. A lot of our names do sound Japanese and some Japanese people I've met have commented on it..they sound very similar.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, we also don't have any "L"s in our language, the Japanese language doesn't either (so I've heard).

*note* - I'm only talking about Kikuyus here (tribe from Kenya), not all Africans.