Do you mind people that cling to you?

Do you mind clingy people?


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i wouldn't want them all up in my bizniz, cause we all need our space or else we'd go nuts and start bashing them in the head with a baseball bat. but if they look anything like orlando bloom then no i don't mind :D heck i'll do the clinging :P

salaam bro ^_^


lol man,no one has ever been clingy to me...


i guess ppl mind

but im clingy :/

sucks for me,


yeah. I hate it when ppl cling to me.


i like it but after a while i get really annoyed.


Well sometimes it's annoying but I try not to notice it


I for one am not clingy to anyone

and i dont mind but it kind of depends on who is clinging on to me...


Yes I do. I'm claustrophobic, I cringe when someone hugs me or touches me. But if its a clingy type where they admire me, I'm ok with that.