Why do grown adult men play video games?

Don't they have other responsibilities like a job, paying bills, working out, taking care of his kids, spending tine with their kids, taking your wife/gf on a date


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Because they are men!

Video games are like time and money (and it involves both). What you do with it and how you deal with it shows what kind of a man you are. If taken in moderation and played not more than, say, 2 hours a day gives you plenty of time to do other things after having enjoyed a session of gaming fun. Like spend time with the wife, do sweet things for the love ones and spend time with kids.

here was a research (I read in the paper) saying that video games have more effect on men because it triggers their competitive switch, the nature that drives men to want to excel or conquer.


because that would require work


For fun.


Do you ever do anything for fun?


I will tell you they are acting like kids. it's annoying i am fine:) thanks no more worrying thanks alot:)


Just curious, did your mother have any kids that lived? :)


They can do all of that and still play video games. Do you get on men who play hours and hours of golf !? That's the most boring **** ever!


Why does it matter to you? They aren't allowed to have any fun? That's ridiculous. They deserve some free time. It's only bad if that's all they do and are unemployed and not trying to find work.