Would you take me seriously?! :'(?

seeing that i don't wear hijab? i mean would you consider me for a marriage? they guy i've been with for almost 2 years just questioned himself on that! :'(

we were supposed to get married on march, but he's not sure now!

help, i'm having self esteem issues :'''(!

salaams sweeties


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Wa alaikum salam my dear kamillah. Really I would take you seriously I suggest you to wear hijab if you are going out or at home where there are non mahram guys (male persons to whom you can get married with them). Wearing hijab is mandatory for muslim women as commanded by Allah in the Qur'an please read :26,31,32,24:30,31 and 33 :59 I would conside you for a marriage because you are a good muslim who are eager to know everything about Islam and you want to practise it in your daily life I think your guy knows that it is mandatory for you to wear hijab or jilbab Why your guy is not sure now to get married with you on march ? You must measure your guy whether he is a good muslim or not by evaluating him about his islamic knowledge and his religious practices everyday such as about his mandatory prayers.


Show me your full face and if your hot then I'll make you my 3rd wife.


Hey girl where have you been belly dancing


I'm sorry about that, now your only option is Somber


I will only marry a hijabi


yeah i would, but i guess i'd come to respect you more if you did wear a hijab.


If he doesn't want to marry you only because of the hijab.

Leave the dude.

My opinion..don't take it seriously.


I'm sorry I wouldn't. I had two beautiful Muslim Girls at university who asked me -- via a friend -- if I would "consider" marrying them! I refused. I didn't tell them why, but the reason was obvious, they weren't wearing Hijab.

The mother of my children has to be pious.