Why do Black people insist only Whites are serial killers?

Blacks are 13% of the American population, yet make up anywhere from 15 to 22 percent of convicted serial killers.

Eric W. Hickey, a criminal psychology professor at California State University at Fresno, said there have been plenty of minority serial killers. In his 1995 book, "Serial Murderers and Their Victims," Hickey wrote that 22 percent of such killers were black. An additional 17 percent were women. And of course it is common knowledge that there is a huge problem with mass murder and rape in Black Africa amongst Black people.


It's the media. We never hear about any black serial killers, but all the white ones get the attention. Those white ones that get the attention are the one's that committed heinous crimes such as cannibalism, mutilation, or practicing necrophilia.


why do you insist on being, a bigot?


no idea, just want pts =)


If whites are the majority race-wise, then it only serves to be correct that the number for white serial killers would be higher>:)


this is a stupid question thats really not even a question, just a forum for you to rant and be racist. screw you and shut up until you have a reasonable, sensable question.


well here in america most of the time its a white dude who goes crazy and does that.However we did have the freeway sniper who was a black man and recently a guy snapped when fired from his job and went in shooting.He was also black. Doesn't happen often though.