Do women like asexual men? Part 2?

in my last question… I asked whether girls like asexual men, however most people thought that meant serious relationship/marriage. when all i meant was good friends. I know i could expect a girl to give up sex just to be with me. Id love be one of their "girlfriends". hangout with them, go to the mall, ETC... The problem is I don't think im gay and therefore the girls might be uncomfortable.


That might even be better than a gay friend.


why your asking this?.. you want to know if that girl like you eh?


Whether or not women like asexual men depends on the woman in question and her views on asexual people.


By "asexual" you mean that you're not attracted to men or women, I'll assume (asexual means that you reproduce without a mate). It really depends on the girl, I guess. Most girls will probably just think you're gay. Do you act gay? If you do, then most girls will love you. If you just act like a normal guy, I wouldn't see why most girls would have a problem with a good friendship. Some girls might think your "asexuality" is just a ploy to get in their pants somehow.