Culturally curious are the chinese people going to take over the world?

my math teacher said everybody should learn chinese because they are taking over soon.

my teacher is a white man.


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Funny you mention that, because I was listening to the song 中国话 (Zhong guo hua. Sorry if I wrote that wrong btw, I'm a bit rusty with my hanyu xD I'm better with the speaking) by S.H.E. and it's about how the Chinese language is taking over, and everyone is learning it.

And with the 14 Trillion that the USA owes in debt, there's no way they can ever pay it off. They're struggling with even paying the interest. The only way they can break even is by giving up their country. Once you guys have control of the USA, you control the world. Since right now, the USA is on top, with China next in line. So you'll own the top dogs on both ends of the world, creating the first Chinese worldwide empire.

Like someone else said already, the Chinese are very industrial in Africa.


Thats fine as long as I can get me an asian man in the process :P


Nope and no.


No, but there are enough of them that If they wanted to, they probably could :)


i dont care as long as I get a piece of Chinese girl pie


he is right they are going to take over the world.


They're probably plotting to. You can't trust those damn Asians.


Haha thats funny. I'm pretty sure thats true because Americans are lazy.