What a good v-day present for a man?



Get him something personal and special..

If he is into sports go get him a jersey or ball cap from his favorite team. ( ebay - a real hat or shirt used by a member of his favorite team or player)

2 Tickets to his favorite teams game, dont ask to go...

If he likes books, go find him something from his favorite author. (ebay - something signed, lost documents or scribblings from his author)

If hes into tools, go out in the garage and see what is the most used and get him a new one. ( If its a power tool get dewalt, makida or hilti, dont buy cheap crap)

If hes into guns get him a bone/ivory hand grip or a laser sight. (Ebay or a gun shop)

If hes into video games get him Black Ops.. (Walmart or any video game store)

If your flush with cash go get him a rolex (I like the submariner because im a diver but the explorer and daytona are nice too, but hey there all good, lol)

Cars? Get him a subscription to his favorite mag or some car part hes been wanting. Car and Driver is a good mag. The car parts can be found on ebay and at high performance auto stores.

If hes a geek go get him the latest radeon graphics card or Iphone

Sit him down his chair, bring him his favorite drink, light his cigar and go to work on him, if you know what i mean...

If he into knives get him a big ol buck knife... Im mean something you could skin a crocodile with, no little pocket knives.

If hes a history buff go find him a artifact within his interest. (Again ebay could help here)

I could go on and on...Its not hard to figure out what a guy wants or likes, just listen to him once in awhile, hehe

Tell him you love him

Hope this helped


a box of air (nothing)


a sports jersey..


i have been married 11 yrs, wife never gave me a present she says v day is for men to give women presents