Can i pass for Blasian?

in this pic:…


Yeh cuz you have the typical negr0 flat nose

Lol cuz ur rude to me


ewww haha no offence. Yea? i suppose so


yes you could


sure, why not.


You look Blasian.


you look african american to me and you look like a girl


Yes. I would assume that immediately XD but you look like half southeast Asian. Like maybe Khmer.


Eh I don't know... Maybe to those who are really unfamiliar with Asians. The way you are doing your hair kinda looks afro'ish, but I have a friend from the Philippines and he looks more "Blasian", as you say... just because of their facial structure and his hair texture and all that. I never mistook him as black, but I did believe him when he told me he was part Latino LOL