How do you know that you're in love?

I know that this is a question that gets aked a lot, but I'm seriously curious. Not the type of love you have for your parents/family memeber/best friend, but the type of love that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.


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I don't think I'd know. Most guys I've dated seemed more like friends to me, lol. Even crushes went away... the closest I got was a guy who absolutely terrified me. I was sooooo into him and loved how he looked, his lips, eyes, how he talked, his voice, the big words he'd use, I loved his name even, & how he walked, how his 5 o'clock shadow looked when he didn't shave... I loved so much - AND for the first time I was so nervous around a guy that I didn't want him to know because I was terrified that he didn't feel the same about me. I thought about him all the time, like obsessively and I'd see him every day and suddenly my nerves would go away, then come back when he wasn't around. I was completely insane about him. AND then, it was so weird because suddenly I hated him. I HATED feeling vulnerable around him, I hated the nervous feeling of what he was thinking or if he really really liked me as much as I liked him, or if he felt the same about me that I did about the guys before him, or I hated how I thought about him all the time and he was the first guy who made me feel so insecure! just by looking at me... so I met a guy who didn't make me nervous at all. I just stopped everything. I haven't seen Holden in a year now & I still think about him. I still hate that too. I'm so sick of thinking about him, I don't imagine he'd think of me that much either because I never wanted my emotions about him to be out there so much because I thought he'd back off, so then I backed off.

I could write about this all day though. lol. Its one of my biggest regrets.

& I think that was love, but NOT "true love" just a different kind of love. Like I wanted to take care of him when he was feeling bad about things because he was sad a lot, and I really honestly wanted everything good for him. I never - and still haven't - felt like that about guys I meet/dated before or since.


when your heart beats faster and you get nervous around them


When you notice a black man.


I never been in love so i don't know.




when you are willing to die for that person


trust me when it come you will know, its a wonderful feeling, but be prepared to face the obstacles that come with it


Just read the lyrics to " That's Amore" which means ( that's Love) in Italian by Dean Martin and you'll have a pretty good idea...…