Emo help plz!?

Im 13 and im emo. I rlly need to guit cutting my self cuz my wrist looks like it was put in a garbage disposal. How can i stop this?!


I used to cut too, it went on for about three years.

Since you are asking how to quit, I'll tell you what I found was easier to do.

All you need to do is decrease the amount of times you cut yourself until you just stop it altogether. So when I first started cutting, it would be 15 times almost everyday. I reduced it to a smaller number then forced myself to keep in my anger so that it can be a day or two each week. For the anger, I just wrote out my feelings.

If your parents don't know that you cut, I think that you should tell them. They'll be able to help seek for any medical attention that you may need. I never told my parents, or anyone else in my family. They still don't know. Instead, I went to one of the guidance counsellors at school.

Good luck :)


You stop calling youself EMO, and you put the GOD D*MN razor down.


see, this is why mothers say

"if your younger then 18 then make sure you have a guardian or parent with you while handling sharp objects"

listen to your mother children.


I'm not emo but i had trouble with cutting. I just ended up stopping but i'm sure you didnt do it for the same reason i did. But id just like to say its nto worth it once your older there like a curse. Also no one emo honey. I use to think i was emo... then youll grow and realize your retarded. YOUR YOU.


this sounds like everyone woudl say but serously, get some real attention. its gunna b hard but tell your parents, doctor or someone. This can lead to suicide. I know your probably thinking of hurting yourself while ur reading this but serously, think about all the people your harming by doing this. It has to stop or it can get really bad.


go to a frickin therapist! it amazes me how many ridiculous people treat this site like its an emergency room or a therapists office. are you just looking for attention? from random strangers with no expertise in the field of psychology or therapy? you wont get it from me, get some sense and go see a doctor for christ sakes.


dude cutting yourself leads to suicide....and suicide leads to hell.

would you like to burn in hell for eternity and forever?Would you likr to suck the devils dick just because you want to cut yourself?

if I personally knew you I would really help but unfortunately your just a kid that ask for help over the internet lol

all im trying to say is

if you wanna continue to live your piece of **** life and most likely commit suicide

and burn in hell forever go ahead

were not going to change your little emo mind.

but please, think about the ones your hurting

im going to pray for you