Opinions of people that believe in strict gun control (Anti-gun)?

Personally, I am pro gun, I don't understand at all the opinions of the anti-gun people, please give me a better understanding of your views, thank you.


I believe people should be aloud to own guns.


i dont want to die. there. simple


Guns should only be given to the military and police. We pay or taxes for them to protect us so we don't need to pack heat. That being said the military or the police aren't in your pocket to protect you when you are about to get jumped or mugged or shot. that being said Id rather no one have guns than allow criminals have access.


the only thing guns are good for is killing.

A year or two ago saw numbers on killings in various countries, I don't

remember those numbers but USA was thousands of people murdered

while Canada and UK just had hundreds.

Since Reagan closed the mental hospitals we have many people

walking the streets that are mentally unbalanced, but they have access to guns.


In a perfect world only police officers and soldiers would have guns. Unfortunately the world is far from perfect. I just don't like the thought of all these morons out there running around with loaded guns. Wasn't there recently an incident where a child blew his own head off as he was playing with his fathers uzi. Usually the people that want to own guns, are the people that are to stupid to handle them.

To answer your scenario. If we had better gun control laws then the crazy guy wouldn't have a gun in the first place. Not to mention, the last thing I want is two other yokels with guns shooting it out like it's the wild west. I'd rather take my chances against one idiot with a gun instead of three.