Do you really think of sex change operations as true sex changes ?

I think of the trangendered woman as still a man but what do you think?


Its just self mutalation and being unhappy with what God blessed people with. Its trickery too. So many people would be pretty upset if they found out they were making out with someone that had a sex change. Sex changes are fine as long as they at least let people know they did it. They get pretty pissed off when people stare at them for half assing it to look like another sex too I noticed.


no it is wrong...


I try to remember to respect their chosen gender, but within me I see them as the gender they were born. I see it as a change of the sex but not the genetic gender.


I do not. I can't help but think they are the sex they were born with.

Sorry. I don't mean to dismiss lightly how they feel, but I cannot see how changing the outside makes a difference to the inside.


You are what you are born. No matter how many operations or how much hormone treatment a man takes he will always be a man. I couldn't ever call a trans-man she/her without feeling like I'm not being truthful. Vice versa applies too.


Gender identity cannot be changed. A transwoman is a woman, a transman is a man, and a sex change is just bringing the anatomy into conformity with the gender identity.

Why is this so hard to comprehend?