I'm sexually attracted to men will it ever go away?

i;m 17 and a male and what i noticed i've always be sexually attracted to me since i was 5 i would kiss and girl for fun or have sex with her for fun but i'm sexually attracted to the same sex and emotionally to


You're only 17, and your sexuality will change considerably until you get like 25. What you feel now is no reason for concern.


Maybe gay? only you will know

#2 wont, accept yourself! Get a BF!


Don't worry about it you're not alone. I'm bi & I was in denial for a long time too. Embrace who you are. Good luck.


You could seek reparative therapy.


To me you sound more as a Bi type of person which to me there is nothing wrong. You like the naked body of guys, But as you grow older you might lose some of that...


Love who you want to love. Be with who you want to be with.

Go out there and meet some guys and go out on a date and see if its true or not that u like them. Expirement, do whatever it takes to figure it out.


it will never go away. don't be ashamed. you didn't include in any way you're attracted to girls, so i can't say you're bi, but definitely gay. Don't worry about it. If you're only attracted to men (sexually and romantically) then you're gay. That's how life is, and I hope you can accept it.