Do you really believe a trangendered woman is the same as a biological woman?

I know inside their minds they identify as woman. But physically they will always be a man internally and the "vagina" isn't the same either. A real vagina is self cleansing for example and that can't be with a transgendered.


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No, and personal "belief" has nothing to do with it. They have male chromosomes, can't get pregnant, don't get periods, don't have vaginal discharge, can't breastfeed...nothing. The only thing that makes them "female" is an altered appearance. And gender is not merely a word used to describe appearance or what you "want" to be.

Let it be said that I have no hatred for them whatsoever, it's just that fact is fact.




I personally don't believe that a man that has had a sex change is really a women, you can put plastic breasts on them and invert the penis into a vagina.. but they are never a real women. And i also think that if a man that has had the sex change then goes onto have sex with another man without telling them about their *change, then that is false advertisement and just wrong!


I see them as the same.


I do, maybe thats because I am one, but thats just me.


i dont see them as they same, in know way do i have a problem with them i just dont see them as the same thing.


No it isn't the same. It's like cheese, there's imitation, then there's real. But they both say cheese. And we all know they difference...


Their gender is the yes, I see them as the same.

Who cares about what's between their legs. Is that really the essence of a person?