Why does this model black guy say he doesn't date black women?

He's from Aruba

THe user says he's not attracted to black women, is this because he's a quarters white?

He told me he like slim Caucasian(middle eastern, German, Italian, Southern European exc) Women.

I seen his YT page


He's kinda fine LOL :P

We'll black women are very beautiful. I love how most of these white people are saying that Black people are niggers and how white women are more beautiful yet they don't even realise White people are trying to get their skin color like ours. A lot of people tan to get their skin looking nice and caramel like us, so these people said we're this & that, look like idiots and they have no audience to back them up. black women have unique features, and most of us have amazing curves and BIG BUTTS which is what gets us a lot of attention from guys :P

But not ALL of us live on welfare, wear weave and eat KFC like we're stereotypically described to do so. I'm black, and I H-A-T-E KFC. That **** is disgusting LOL. We like chicken, but chicken is healthy. Why he doesn't like dating black women, I don't even know why.

I'm not being racist but white people have their own stereotypes to. Many people say White people can't dance, have no curves, their flat-chested or there either just sticks with no sexy figure what-so-ever. This isn't true because no homo but most of my white friends have nice bodies.

Oh well :)


White Women are more attractive than black women, duh.

Black Women are masculine, have weaves, wigs, and nappy hair and wide noses and deformed skulls, they have the most masculine features I even seen

some with beards and facial hair.

White Women are actually good looking, tanned skin ones, italians, german or not. I'm just stating facts their ugly white girls too and fat ones.

But if you look at reality black women aren't attractive and are ugly, and if you compare it with white women you will get less ugly women results.

Lets also not forget the obesity rate for black women skyrockets over the ratio of white women, so their x22 more likely to be fat as well. Trust me,

no model would date that LOL.

Only black men who date black women are the ghetto, uneducated thugs nobody else wants.

Desirable black men, models, Congress men (50% of Congress black males are married to non black women) and upper class black males tend to get with

non black women. The ones who grow up in white neighborhoods do as well. Ghetto black men with no other choice does. Mixed men however never prefer them

we prefer non black women I would never touch one of them, most of them have AIDS and HIVs.

Just ask Vin Diesel or W. Miller LOL. It's true.


He's not really attractive, lol. No offense.


I really don't care who he likes. He's not my type anyway and he's too feminine looking.