Japanese grammar question "といて"?

Ive never understood the purpose of conjugating verbs withthe "といて"ending

ex: 何で俺を行き成り蹴り倒しといて?!



like that... can someone explain this me please?


Verb +といて is verb(し)ておいて

that means (verb) して おく

and て is conjunction meaning "then"

This is a kind of "have done" form, I think.

I just remind you that I'm not an expart but ordinary citizen of Japan.

Hope you will soon figure it out :)


The とい, or toite form, is used for asking permission I think. I don't recognize all of the Kanji. It looks like more of a "tell me more" kind of question.

Read up on te form verbs, and conjugating verbs in Japanese.,%20untie