Is Sex like you see in the movies?

What I mean is... do you have it like they do in the movies when it's all slow and romantic?

Sorry, 16 year old virgin.


No, its alot better!


No its not. It never is...


That's soft porn, and there's also hardcore porn. I'd say Sex is inbetween but going back in fourth to soft and hard.. lmao


Sex is however the individuals having sex want it to be there are different kinds


It's what u make of it...u can choose to make it romantic...every situation is different


Sex in films is what they want you to see. When you experience it for yourself you can do what you wish to. In answer to your question, oh yes it's much much better !


It could be,

but I doubt it, its probably

gross and sweaty but fun.

Lmao, its less controlled then it is in movies.

Ive had the same question, so I asked all my girlfriends.

Hahhaha but I'm a v-card holdder too.

But im not in-experienced.


Haha :) It really depends on the guy and on the girl. There are people that are selfish and wanna go fast and get it done (going fast doesn't always mean a person is selfish though, it also depends on the mood). Sex can be romantic too, if both people make it that way.

So baisically, it's what you make it :) Just don't do it just to do it though. That's stupid. I'd tell you to wait til you're married, but then I'd be a hypocrite...but I still think it's a good idea and the only reason I don't regret it is because I'm still with the same guy and have only had sex with him, no one else. We make sex romantic whenever we want it to be :)

God, it feels awkward saying that :) Well hope I answered your question well enough lol.