Does she like me or not and why does she keep doing this?

I met this girl who's alright I guess but I don't know where her mind is. I haven't told her that I like her, think she's just making an assumption cause her friends must have told her that. We were all together as an LGBT group watching a movie and she seemed to be confusing me with her body language. But when I came close to where she was she seemed nervous. She asked me whether I was going to show up for a party they were planning but I answered I don't know because I don't have the money at the moment. While we were watching the movie She asked her friend to see whether I was checking her out while she left the room, I dunno why and he told her the same, that I like her. When another girl I haven't seen before walked in the room, I wondered who it was and I asked who she was and I could hear her whispering and asking whether I was trying to make her jealous, said something else and then laughed. Why are girls so complicated? What's her problem? I don't think I'd wanna act on my feelings now, I'd rather just keep my distance if she's going to behave like that.


this girl seems to be playing with your head. if your not sure wat is up with her then wait for her to come to you. if she doesnt then she isnt worth it!


are you a girl?


The first line says it all. "I met this girl who's alright".... alright...just isn't good enough.